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Jesus Is Everything

Jesus Christ is the central figure of our faith. All of scripture directs us to Him. In fact everything we believe, all of our doctrine comes from knowing God through His son, Jesus. He’s why we exist, our explanation for life, and our pursuit for living. Everything in our faith should reflect this truth: Jesus is everything.

Everyone Belongs

Sometimes a church can seem like the “holier than thou” club. But here at Lifepoint we believe that everyone belongs. We’re all humans with the same desires for love and acceptance. Both are offered through Jesus and it is our desire to help everyone find this in Jesus.

Organized Religion

God chose you and I to carry out his mission on earth. The way that he designed this to be done is through the local church. The church is meant to be God’s direct expression of love and acceptance to the world. Sometimes churches mess this up. Actually if we’re being honest a lot of the time churches mess this up. But yet this is still the way that God chooses to interact with the world. So anyone who is a follower of Jesus should be an active part of the church.


Click here for a list of our full doctrinal beliefs

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